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IOSPIRIT taking part in joint European Mac Developer promotion with steep discounts

November 29, 2007 - Filed in Company News by Felix


In a joint promotion - "Give Good Food To Your Mac" ( - with steep discounts of up to 70%, Top European Mac developers have joined to give a big Mac software feast.

In the promotion, customers can choose from 28 software titles and create their own software bundle. The clou: the more applications are transfered from the ingredient list to the personal recipe, the higher the discount gets and the sweeter the offer becomes.

The idea behind this joint promotion has its origin at the WWDC 2007 and aims at making the participating titles known to a broader and more diverse audience through the cooperation and joint support of all participants.

The promotion is carried out by the 18 companies Aquafadas, Belight, Boinx, Cheetah3D, Coladia, Creaceed, Equinux, IOSPIRIT, Jumsoft, Kletel, MacRabbit, Objective Decision, Ovolab, Pixelmator, ProjectWizards, Realmac Software, Reinvented Software and Softpress who are offering the 28 titles Art Text, BannerZest, Cheetah3D, Contactizer Pro, Contactizer Express, CoverScout,CSSEdit, Expert Wine Cellar, Feeder, FotoMagico Express, Freeway 4 Express, FreeWay 4 Pro, Geophoto, iDive, iStopMotion Home, Magnet, Merlin, Money, Morphage, Personal Trader, Pixelmator, PulpMotion, RapidWeaver, Remote Buddy, Tables, Together, Unity Indie and VideoPier. The organisation and technical realization is being done by Aquafadas.

The promotion runs for another nine days and can be found at .